Our Lawyers

Reflecting the diversity of our clientele and practice, members of our firm are admitted to legal practice in the following jurisdictions: Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, New York, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Senior members of our legal team have native fluency in the following languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Mandarin, Javanese and Bahasa Indonesian.


David Yong
Managing Partner, Private Client Services

Samuel Seow An
Managing Partner, Government & Regulatory, Regional Practice

Jolene Lim
Managing Partner, Corporate & Commercial Practice

Aaron Christian
Partner, Litigation


Patrick Dahm
Attorney at Law, Germany; Foreign Practitioner, Singapore

Chen Haifeng (陈海峰)
Foreign Lawyer (China),中国律师


Li Fen H.
Legal Manager


Sarah Tan
Senior Associate

Aaron Ng
Senior Associate

Foreign Advisors

Felicia Himawan
Foreign Legal Executive

Shela Nalita
Legal Manager

Allen Jason Suarly
Senior Foreign Legal Executive

Soraya Indah Ayu Rahmani
Foreign Legal Executive

Pamela Pranoto
Foreign Legal Executive

Jeff H. Senduk
Foreign Legal Advisor