Chen Haifeng (陈海峰)

Chen Haifeng graduated from the East China University of Political Science and Law. Chen has been in the legal services for the past 19 years. Through his years of practice, Chen has accumulated vast experience in both in civil and criminal matters. He has appeared in the Basic People’s Court and Intermediate People’s Courts in China. His experience in civil litigation spans a wide area, including civil and commercial litigation, conveyancing and property law, corporate and commercial law, criminal law, employment law, family law.


Chen Haifeng’s clients include corporations and individuals from China and Singapore, Chinese Statutory Boards and religious registered societies.


In the course of his practice, Lawyer Chen Haifeng has represented some classic lawsuits, including winning cases in Court of Appeals and has successfully achieved motion of dismissals.


He is also experienced in handling non-litigation negotiations and drafting of legal documents. He has provided legal advice to property developers, financial companies and manufacturing companies.


Chen can be contacted at


陈海峰律师,毕业于中国华东政法大学,从事法律服务行业已有19年。 通过多年的实践,陈海峰律师在民事和刑事方面积累了丰富的经验。他在民事诉讼方面的经验涵盖了广泛的领域,包括民事和商事诉讼、转让和财产法、公司和商法、刑法、就业法、家庭法等。